I am seeing errors like Function eregi_replace() is deprecated

These errors can occur when PHP is updated on your server and you are using an older version of the product. They are not something to be concerned about and happen because your hosting company has left PHP showing developer notices instead of only runtime messages. To solve this you can either update to the latest version or make a small update yourself as follows.
Open in a text editor your Linklok file which will be linklokipn.php, linklok.php, linklokcb.php, linklokurl.php, linklokasc.php or linklokme.php depending on the version you are using. Just below your settings you will see the following
// ************************************************************************
// The code below normally will not need modifying. Do so at your own risk!
// ************************************************************************
@error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

Replace the line @error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); with the following

@error_reporting (E_ERROR);
If you have any problems just email the file to us and we can update it for you.