Increasing the size of a custom field

By default each custom field in Sitelok can store up to 255 characters. This is fine for most cases but you can if required change the field type to TEXT for up to 65535 characters or MEDIUMTEXT allowing up to 16777215 characters to be stored. We recommend only increasing the size of specific custom fields that need to store more than 255 characters, leaving others set to the default.
Once a custom field has been set to one of the larger sizes that field will be displayed as a text area in the add user and edit user pages in the control panel. You will also be able to choose the text area input type in the form designer for that fields.

Sitelok V5.4 or above

Go to Tools - Configuration - Custom fields to see the custom field titles and size settings.

Change the 255 setting to either 65535 (Mysql TEXT) or 16777215 (Mysql MEDIUMTEXT) depending on your requirements.
You can set the custom field title on the same page too. Ignore the Validation setting as in most cases this is not needed now that Sitelok has validation options in the form designers.

Earlier Sitelok versions

Login to the Sitelok admin and in the SQL Query field enter the following SQL code to increase the size to 65535 characters.
ALTER TABLE  `sitelok` CHANGE  `Custom3`  `Custom3` TEXT
or this for 16777215 characters
ALTER TABLE  `sitelok` CHANGE  `Custom3`  `Custom3` MEDIUMTEXT
making sure you set the two occurrences of 3 above to the custom field you want to change. Click the Query button to execute it. To set a custom field back to the default 255 character limit use the following SQL.
ALTER TABLE  `sitelok` CHANGE  `Custom3`  `Custom3` VARCHAR(255)