Using PHPmailer with Godaddy

By default Sitelok sends emails using the PHP mail() function. If you are hosted on a Godaddy Linux account you can also send emails using the PHPMailer system which can be more reliable in some cases.
Godaddy seem to have changed their requirements and have published this information

If that still fails then try the following.

1) First of all set the Sitelok Admin email address to an email address setup in your Godaddy hosting. This email address is used as the sender. You can set an override reply-to address in the email settings if you wish.

2)  Go to Tools - Configuration - Email settings and set the email settings as in the following examples. It does seem that it varies depending on your hosting plan so yo umay need to try each to see which works for you.

On some Godaddy hosting plans you may find that the following is required instead.

or this example