Secure PDF Delivery

We have a number of products that can automate secure PDF delivery after payment has been received. This means your buyer can access the PDF eBook or document they have purchased immediately after payment. It also means you don't have to sit next to your computer waiting for orders! Our  Linklok Paypal product for example will provide security for the pdf download link for delivering the PDF document on the return page after paying in Paypal and also email the the link to the buyer. Multiple products can be sold in each order in which case Linklok will ensure that the download links for each product ordered are provided. The links have a time expiry set on them, hide the actual location of the protected PDF file and cannot be tampered with. We also have versions of Linklok to provide secure PDF delivery after payment via  2checkout (2CO),  Clickbank and  Mals eCommerce.

As well as our ecommerce versions of Linklok which provide secure pdf delivery after payment we also have Linklok URL which can provide free download links after collecting a users details such as name and email address.

Our Linklok products also have options to watermark PDF files with a users email address when downloading.