Free bonus item for orders over a certain value

Everybody loves getting something free so Linklok allows you to define one or more products to be added to the download email and return page when an order total reaches a specified total. You can setup different free products depending on the total order value.
To enable this first of all make sure that the download item you want to provide as a bonus is listed in Linklok as normal. It can be a product you sell as well or added specifically for the bonus. The add the following setting near your others in linklok.php
In this example when the order total is 10.00 or more then the item 1 will be added to the products delivered. You can set multiple product like this
and have different total levels as well in which case the highest matching is used.
The item description used for the bonus item(s) in the email and download page will be whatever you set in the product definition. If the item is always used as a bonus free item then you can make that clear in the description. However if its an item you sell as well you can leave the description as it is and have Linklok automatically add a prefix to the description in the template. To do that add this setting.
$OrderBonusText="Free bonus item - ";