Using Google Analytics with Linklok Paypal

If you want to use Google Analytics to track sales and conversions then you can add the following code to your download page template to send details of each product ordered. This should be placed in the page after your normal tracking code. You can adjust the store name as required.
<script type="text/javascript">
ga('require', 'ecommerce');
// Transaction
ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', {
  'id': '!!!order_number!!!',        // Transaction ID. Required.
  'affiliation': 'Store Name',       // Affiliation or store name.
  'revenue': '!!!total!!!',          // Grand Total.
  'shipping': '!!!shipping!!!',      // Shipping.
  'tax': '!!!tax!!!'                 // Tax.
// Items
ga('ecommerce:addItem', {
  'id': '!!!order_number!!!',        // Transaction ID. Required.
  'name': '!!!item_name!!!',         // Product name. Required.
  'sku': '!!!item_number!!!',        // SKU/item number.
  'category': '',                    // Category or variation.
  'price': '!!!itemprice!!!',        // Unit price.
  'quantity': '!!!quantity!!!'       // Quantity.
// Send details