Can Sitelok send email attachments?

Sitelok V6.2 supports sending attachments with emails sent from the dashboard. Attachments are not supported for automated emails that are sent out during registration etc but you can add secure download links to the email template instead. This way attachments are avoided and you can also see who has downloaded in the Sitelok log too. Just upload the file(s) to the special slfiles_xxxxxx folder (the File Location folder set in Sitelok) and then you can add download links to the email template like this.
1) In the email editor type the text of the download link and select it.
2) Choose Download link... from the Insert variables drop down menu.
3) In the dialog enter an expiry time for the download link (from when the email is sent) in minutes. Enter 0 for no expiry.
4) Enter the filename (no path) and choose Default File location (unless you uploaded to another location).
5) Click insert.
Here is a short video showing how to add a download link to an email template.
You can also manually add links to email templates using the tag !!!link(,1440)!!!. Usually this would be used as part of a hyperlink like this
<a href="!!!link(,1440)!!!">Download Here</a>