Editing the default login template

When a user visits a secured page and they are not already logged in they will see the default login form. You can change the style of this page in Forms - Default login form style.
However if you want to completely replace the page there are a couple of ways to do this.
Use your own login page

This is the most flexible method.
1) Create a page on your site to use as a login page and add a login form created with Forms - Login forms.
2) Once it works how you wish you can tell Sitelok to use it instead of the default login form by going to  Tools - Configuration - Pages & templates and setting the No Access URL to that page with ?redirect=page appended to the end. So for example if your login page is at /folder/login.php you would set it like this

Now when a user tries to access a secured page they will be redirected to your login form. After login they will be redirected back to the page they initially requested. One exception is when accessing the Sitelok control panel which will always use the default login form.

Replace the default login template

There maybe times when you just want to make a simple change to the default CSS or html such as adding an image. If so then follow these steps.

1) Copy the file slpw/logintemplatedefault.php and rename the copy to something like mylogintemplate.php.
2) Open mylogintemplate.php and adjust the CSS and HTML as needed.
3) Upload to the slpw folder

4) In the Sitelok control panel go to Tools - Configuration - Pages & templates and set Login Template to your file name (no path needed).