Using Linklok URL with Wordpress

Although not really developed for use with Wordpress Linklok URL can secure download links. Because most plugins use eval() to call PHP functions you should add the following lines to linklokurl.php above your other settings.
global $LinklokKey,$LinklokLocation,$LinklokLocations,$FreeEmail,$ManualPassword; 
global $ErrorTempalate,$HTMLEmail,$YourCompany,$YourEmail; 
global $LinklokLog,$mt,$ipaddr,$thispage,$thisurl,$NoExtraPath; 
global $linklokauth,$linklokform,$password,$DownloadURL,$DownloadURLs; 
Please note it is important that the above lines are added before your other settings at the top of linklokur.php. The ideal place is directly underneath our copyright message block.
The $DownloadURL setting in the last line should be set to the full URL to linklokurl.php on your server.
We recommend installing the PHP code for posts plugin from so that you can use PHP snippets. Once installed you need to create two snippets as follows.
1) Create a snippet called Linklok URL include with the following code
Replace the path with the file path to linklokurl.php on your server.
2) Create a snippet called Linklok URL file link with the following code
<a href="<?php linklokurl($_parameters["file"],$_parameters["expiry"],1); ?>"><?php echo $_parameters["hyperlink"];?></a>
Now the snippets are setup you can use Linklok URL to secure download links on your pages as follows.
1) At the top of the page use this snippet to include linklokurl.php
[php snippet=1]
2) Wherever you need to use a secure download link use this snippet
[php snippet=2 param=""]
The file parameter specifies the file to link to
The expiry parameter is the expiry time in minuted

The hyperlink parameter is the text shown as the actual hyperlink. Usually you would use the filename but you could use Click Here for example.