Paypal settings for Linklok Paypal

Once you have setup Linklok Paypal on your server you need to let Paypal know how to call it as follows. See the screenshot at the bottom of this page shwoing Paypal's profile layout if you get lost.
1) In Paypal click the User (Profile )icon at the top right
2) Select Profile and Settings
3) Click My selling preferences in the left menu.
4) Click Update next to Instant payment notifications 
Enable IPN and set this URL
Click Back to my profile and update next to   My selling preferences again
5) Click Update next to Website preferences.

Enable Auto Return and set the Return URL to
notice that this is a little different to the IPN URL

6) Scroll down and enable Payment Data Transfer.

7) Set the Identity Token value in the $PDTtoken setting in linklokipn.php


The screenshot below may help you navigate Paypal's profile settings