Products with multiple files (bundles)

You can have Linklok deliver multiple download links for a product. This is useful if your product has multiple files or if you want to sell bundles of products. To do this list each file in products.txt as if its a product for sale on its own (it can be as well) making sure each has a unique product id. Then for the product that you sell you list the product id's rather than the download path. For example if your mermaid product had three files it could be setup like this.

001-1,File 1,9.95,aa4768fbhjf3/file1.jpg,0,1440
002-2,File 2,9.95, aa4768fbhjf3/file2.jpg,0,1440
003-3,File 3,9.95, aa4768fbhjf3/file3.jpg,0,1440
001,Your product,9.95,001-1:001-2:001-3,0,1440

In this case I set the three files to have product id's 001-1, 001-2 & 001-3, Product 001 (the one for sale) then lists those id's separated by a : instead of the download path.